Greece By kate Mcdevitt

Greece was originally a monarchy, and then turned into a dictatorship afterwords. Eventually, Greece became a parliamentary republic.

Monarchy: A government which one person reigns; generally a king or queen.

Dictatorship: A government in which absolute power is exercised by a dictator.

Parliamentary Republic: A government that operates under a legislative system of a government.

Who was involved (Monarchy)?: Andreas Papandreou

Who was involved (Dictatorship)?: Georgios Papadopolous, 4 colonels of Greece, and Dimitrios Loannidis were part of the Dictatorship.

The 4 colonels of the Greek army took over Greece through a military control and arrested Andreas Papandreou because he was considered a threat.

What happened (Dictatorship)?: The lack of political expertise and Papadopolous's refusal to democracy lead to their downfall.

In 1967 a group of 4 colonels of the Greek army took over Greece through a military control. The colonels got together and formed a plan, which involved all Generals, politicians, and any other people who they thought were a threat. Then they declared that the country was under marshall law. After that George Papadopolous appointed himself prime minister and regent himself to the crown. George Papadopolous only ruled for a year (1973) before he was overthrown. He was overthrown by his own co-conspirator Dimitrios Loannidis. Eight months later Andreas was released from prison and he ruled Greece again. In 1975, Greece was officially a Parliamentary Republic.

Who was involved (Monarchy)?: NATO (National Atlantic Treaty Organization) and Italy were involved in the monarchy of Greece.

There were no other countries involved in the dictatorship.

There are no civilians east of Kalámai due to the mountain range. No one wants to live on a mountain range because of how little resources they can get there. I think more civilians live near the capitol ,Athens, because they can get resources easier than basically anyone else. It would also be easier to get a job near Athens. No one lives on the island Ródhos because of how hard it is to get food and purified water over seas. It would also be hard to get a job on an island.
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