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Introduction: Adobe Spark is a website that allows you to create a social meme with three different opinions post, page, and video. In the post option you can upload photos and create content. The page options allows you to create a page with content such as text, videos, and photos. The video option allows you to create videos, edit videos, and upload videos. The video option is the most challenging for me to use because I am still learning how to work Abode Spark.

Overview: I am focusing on the Louisville Bats for my strategic brief. I think that the Louisville Bats give me a lot of options to experiment with and really learn how to use Adobe Spark. I chose the Bats because they are our clients for class and I want to relate them in away that might be helpful for our project.

Buddy Bat playing catch at a game.

Key Audiences: The demographic and psychographic groups that I would relate to Adobe Spark are college students and young professionals. I do not think very many Bats fans would know what Adobe Spark is at first, but it would be very easy for them to learn how to use the program. Some opportunities to explore with these tools is to get the people who attend Bats games to use Adobe Spark and follow it. The Bats could promote it at their games to engage with their fans.

Strategic Mindset: Some unique characteristics for the Louisville Bats are they have really good social media content on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter, but they lack content for SnapChat. The target audience we are trying to reach is people who attend games and use SnapChat. We want to increase the number of SnapChat users by using filters and sending snaps in during the games. The story we want to share with this audience is using fun filters and sending snaps to your friends during the games.

Objectives: To help raise awareness for the Louisville Bats Opening Day game. To create buzz about new SnapChat filters during the Bats game.

Strategies: We are going to accomplish our objectives by using the Louisville Bats other social media accounts to promote opening day. The tools we will use are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote opening day. We can create hype videos to post on the different social media accounts, provide free give aways, and promote the use of SnapChat filters during the game. We can use Adobe Spark to help create the content that we are going to use to promote opening day. Adobe Spark allows us to use pictures and videos along with text contents.

Summary: The Louisville Bats are a first class organization and provide a great experience for a day at the ball park. The Bats have great facilities and truly care about their fans. Adobe Spark is a great resource to use for creating content. For beginners who do not really understand how or what Adobe Spark is this video is very helpful in understanding the program. This tutorial shows you how to make an Adobe Spark video in 15 minutes. These two links are very helpful in understanding how to use Adobe Spark to your advantage.

Contact Information: Twitter: @Tyler_Polston42, LinkedIn: Tyler Polston


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