Texting and Driving Hafsa o.

Texting and driving is when your texting while you are driving. When people are driving most of the time they receive a text, email, or just looking up something. While people are doing these acts they do not pay attention to the road which makes it dangerous. This is an important topic because a lot of people die because of texting and driving.

A website people can get help for texting and driving is cellcontrol.com. Since a lot of people have access to the internet you can always search up ways to prevent this from happening. You can also have someone watch you drive because they can help you control it. If you are someone who has a close one who was hurt because of texting and driving they can help with the cause. They could start campaigns and raise awareness. https://www.cellcontrol.com/blog/6-organizations-committed-to-stop-texting-and-driving

I believe texting and driving is more dangerous than people realize it is. If you are someone who will text while driving then do not get behind the wheel. Also when you are texting you could use Siri instead of actually text them. If you are more aware about the cause than you can help prevent it.

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