Jojo´s Goals Project English 1-2

Semester goal

By the end of the semester, I want to pass all my classes with A´s by scoring 90% and above on my test.

I will do that by studying and listening to my teachers when a new lesson is being taught.

English Goal

My English class goal is to complete my homework and turn it in on time being well done knowing I have the correct answers.

I will achieve this goal by doing my homework assignments the night before or even in class if I have free time, I will make sure answers makes sense to what i´m putting down on paper.

High School Goal

My High school Goal is to become a varsity athlete.

I will accomplish this goal by working hard in whatever sport I chose to do. I will also show character by listening, paying attention and taking the opportunity playing on varsity seriously.

After High School Goal

My After High School Goal is to get into a good college with a scholarship playing basketball or volleyball.

I will reach this goal by doing well in High School by getting straight A´s all 4 years. I will also play hard in every sport I decide to do and never give up.

Personal Growth

My personal I want to be able to walk without crutches in 2 weeks and progress in my recover from surgery.

I will fulfill this goal by walking with crutches using both feet to work my way up trying to walk again. I will also eat healthy foods to recover faster and progressing in physical therapy.


Recovery is the bridge between who you were and who you have become - Treatment center

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