BEING 15 IN GREENLAND Griffin Maltby 2

Greenland is located in north america north east of Canada. Greenland is 836,300 Square miles.

Being 15 in Greenland is not ordinary but exciting because of the scenery and relying on resources

26% of the population is under 15

59,300 total population of green land

31,390 men 27,910 women

Hilstrom Kevin ¨Greenland¨

the economy realise heavily on hunting and fishing

extended families is very important in Greenland. Many resources are shared and traded in between families and neighbors

¨öur students from greenland¨

school is free for everyone 6-15. Courses include handling firearms, and essential skills.

Greenland relies heavily on danish teachers to keep their school operational.

Hillstrom Kevin ¨Greenland¨

free health care, subsidized by the danish government. Hillstrom Kevin ¨Greenland¨

Most of Greenland is inuit or mixed inuit

"our students of Greenland"

Greenland has the highest suicide rate of any country in Europe.

Moody Rick "Growing up in Greenland"


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