8 Things about The 400m dash By Cooper Johnson

1. Know how long it really is.

The 400 meter dash is one lap. You start on the curve and end on the straight right behind where you started. It is no distance race, you are sprinting 100% the whole time. Because of how long it is and how fast you run it, the 400 is one of the hardest races. Thats why most people tend to be afraid of it.

2. Give it a shot

There is very little that is fun about 400. Its incredibly hard, its long and fast, it takes everything you got to finish one race. With that said tho the benefits are amazing. Simply running the 400 will help you improve in all other running categories. You build your speed, endurance, and ability to hold good form all in one race. Plus it builds character.

3. Understand the signifigance

The olympics is the biggest sporting event in the world. All the best athletes from all over go to one place to compete. A vast majority of the events that they compete in are track and field events. Out of all the events that are a part of the Olympics the 400 is one of the most watched and anticipated.

4. The best part of the 400

The best part of running what is the hardest race in track, is you learn so much about yourself as an athlete. You learn your limits and how hard you can push yourself. You truly get a gage on how much energy you have and you can then take that and apply it to other events or life. The best feeling ever is finishing a 400 and knowing you left it all out there.

5. This is what a 400m race looks like

These are professional athletes so watch close. What they can do is truly mind blowing.

6. You become a half distance runner

Although the 400 isn't a distance run and its a sprint people will still consider you a distance runner. The only way to fix this is to be fast in the 100 or 200. Don't worry about it too much being a distance runner isn't all that bad.

7. You will learn to love stretching

Some say the best part of the 400 is finishing. The next best part is easily stretching after. Your legs are jello and the hammy's are tightening up. It is truly heaven to stretch out those dead legs. The best thing to do is long static stretches and hold for a good amount of time. Once done stretching don't be afraid to dabble in the art of foam rolling.

8. People will think you are crazy

When you are walking up to the start line the only thing crosses peoples minds is "why are they running this?" or "why do they do this to themselves?" They just don't get it Or they are afraid. A must after you finish is to act like it wasn't that bad then be dining on the inside.


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