J.E.B. Stuart by: anthony Gonzalez

Full Name: James Ewell Brown Stuart
J.E.B. Stuart was born on February 6, 1833 in Patrick County in Ararat, Virginia.
J.E.B. Stuart left home at the age of twelve and spent three years in wytheville school Virginia. He entered Emory and Henry college at the age of fifteen. His mother Elizabeth Letcher Pannill Stuart and his father Archibald Stuart had a total of ten kids with J.E.B. being the seventh one. The family had very good political and social connections and did not have to worry about money.
J.E.B. didn't always have it easy in his life he had some challenges on the way. He went to west point a military academy and was thirteenth out of forty six in his class. He later was assigned to the 1st United States Cavalry at Fort Leavenworth . In 1857 he was wounded during participating in a U.S. military battle against Indian tribes.
He was the commander of the cavalry. He later was promoted to major general and served directly under General Robert E. Lee.
Stuarts most famous exploit happened on June 1862 during the build up to the Seven Days Battles. He had been ordered by General Robert E. Lee to see if Unions General George B. McClellan's army was vulnerable to attack on its right flank. Stuart did not only survey McClellan's right flank. He also avoided the entire army and captured supplies and hundreds of prisoners along the way. It wasn't a big blow to the Union army ,but it raised his profile and caught attention to the South.
The interesting parts about J.E.B. Stuart is that he was dedicated to finish at West Point Academy and become the General of the Calvary and make himself noticeable to the world. My reason why is not many people push themselves to achieve the things they want. They also don't try to be noticed.

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