William Clark Sophie Malott

Clark sailed for North America.

William Clark was born on August 1st, 1770 in Virginia. Clark was from a very large family. But he was not very well educated. When he was a teenager he moved to Kentucky to be in the Army. While in Kentucky, he met Meriwether Lewis.

Clark started his exploration on May 14th, 1804. While on his journey, he ran into Sacajawea and a bunch of Native Americans. He discovered over 300 new species of animals. The journey was over 7,000 miles long! Many animals he saw on his exploration were new to him such as the grizzly bear and the prairie dog. His team that he explored with was called crops of discovery.

Clark explored the Louisiana Territory and Western North America. Lewis and Clark were asked by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the map of the wild west and North America. While preparing for the exploration, Clark was responsible for hiring and training men to help with the exploration, while Lewis gathered equipment and supplies they would need to explore. They had over 40 men in their team! They started out heading toward the Mississippi River. They had a barge and two smaller boats called pirogues. They had to travel against the current, so they had to use long poles to push the boats or even ropes to pull the boats from the bank. After a long, yet successful journey, Clark died on September 1st, 1838.


  • After the expedition, Clark became governor of the Missouri Territory as well as Superintendent of Indian Affairs.
  • The total journey was over 7,000 miles!
  • Only one group member died during the trip. It was Sergeant Charles Floyd who died of a burst appendix.
  • The men on the journey were called the Crops of Discovery.






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