Science Final Molly McLaughlin

Science can study life, plants, animals, and anything that has to do with our earth.

Science can't study things like things that are far away in the universe because they haven't been there. Another thing they can' t study is supernatural, like ghosts.


To live, we need certain things to survive like water, food, shelter, air, and sunlight.

One of the ostriches benefits is that they have long legs. They are able to run faster and get away from some predators.

One of the giraffes benefits is that they are very tall. They are able to run fast and reach high leaves on trees.

I think that a globe is a scientific model because it lets us look at something small all at once, and in real life its huge. Another reason that you could study this opposed to the real thing, is that you can use it for directions, and distance.

A system, is how something works and runs. Like in the digestive system there is an order that things work, so it can run right.

A clock is a representation of a system, because like a system in the human body, it works together. All of the hands work together. When the second hand moves, it makes the minute hand move. When the minute hand moves, it makes the hour hand move.


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