The Wedding March Rakhi with Sheril on 21 August, 2015

Clearest reflection, mirrors the new horizon, suspended in time, looking straight ahead, we were in awe of His handiwork - A serene lake with the backdrop of mountains - Our wedding location!!
The 'D-day' dawned with guests coming in, heightening the day's frenzy - Warm conversations, fun and a get together over a sumptuous lunch.
The wedding party gathered for the rehearsal with Ps. Brian briefing us through it - But this was not before the Best Man leaving us waiting, only to make a grand entry an hour after the schedule time!! :)
Sheril: As time grew near, the entire mood changed. I was able to hear the music being played from the lawn - the realization of this day finally hit me. Despite the excitement, I missed the presence of my Dad at my wedding.
"Easu-appa, the day has come after a long wait. Thank you for blessing my son. I bless him with greater joy from this day on" - A prayer of thanks giving by my Amma with a kiss to remember.
Rakhi: Months of preparation including choices of the wedding saree to the makeup - All came alive that day. It was time to get ready to look my best ever - A frame to last a life time
And it finally started...
Sheril: I walked down the isle with Amma by my side, a woman who taught me what love is all about and helping me become the person I am today. I could feel the happiness and pride in her. A special day it was - me getting married on the wedding anniversary of my parents
And not to forget our ring bearer who had taken a fancy to riding a horse when compared to handing over the rings to us ;-)
Rakhi: I watched my best friends walk before me. The music changed and the bridal march was played after my arrival was announced. Guest arose, I held Papa's arm and we came in. These were moments I've waited for - surrounded by family and close friends.. filled with joy.. A walk having Papa lead me down the isle to give me to Sheril.
Songs of praise and worship of our creator filled the air, with the crowd joining in..
Priya akka blessed us by reading of the scriptures..
"Who gives this woman to be married to this man?" "I do" came the affirmation from Papa
Plenty of selfies and a diary of best wishes to keep
T'was a blessing to be able to stand and proclaim about Lord Jesus' faithfulness in this marriage.
a milestone crossed and many more to come..
can't but end this with gratitude to those who stood by us

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