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Helmut Newton was a photographer that is most famous for his work in the fashion industry, he commonly worked for the popular, Vogue magazine, and his nude photos of women.

Helmut Newton was Born in Berlin in 1920. Newton got his first camera when he was 12 years old, He didn't care about school or studying. He just wanted to go out and take photos. He was not a good student and didn't care about getting an education.

Helmut went to school at the ‘Heinrich-von-Treitschke-Realgymnasium’ and the ‘American School’ in Berlin. He was quickly kicked out for doing poorly in his classes. In the beginning of newton’s early years, Newton helped out at as a theater photographer in Berlin. Once world war 2 hit Newton had to run from the country as he was Jewish and the Nazi’s had come into power in 1938. Once he was settled into a safe country he worked in Singapore and Australia. He enlisted into the Australian army and serviced for several years. His love for photography never die and he opened a photography studio, and returned back to Europe. He went to Paris and started his work with French Vogue, and later Harper’s Bazaar, Playboy, Elle, and other publications.

In 1976, helmut Newton published a series of photographs titled ‘White Women’ which primarily showed nude women in a large selection of poses. This style of photos started a new trend that changed impacted the way women were portrayed in photograph and media

Helmut Newton is most commonly knew for his work, that was publishing In 1981, It was called ‘Big Nudes’ and it is considerable acclaim. Big Nudes was a series of photographs featuring models in sexual, in the public, often on the streets, which was seen as shocking. This series of photos make Helmut the fashion photographers of his time.

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