In search for a PRESIDENT By: Alejandra Perez


  • Be head of state- functions like meeting with the leaders of foreign nations
  • Economic leader- makes plans to make sure the federal governments budget is profitable
  • Foreign policy Leader- oversees treaties with other countries.
Must be able to speak in public surrounded by millions of followers


  • must be a natural born Citizen
  • must be 35 years old
  • must have been a Resident in the U.S for fourteen years


  • to be able to run and control a country
  • to make wise decision and get along with our allies
  • be able to make decisions during stressful situations
where you would be living

Informal abilities

  • having political knowledge and experience
  • getting along with people and be open minded
  • be well educated


  • you will have 4,000 people to do stuff for you
  • You can go on vacation (where ever you desire)
  • You will get additional funds and have protection even after you retire
where your next vacation might be
Created By
Alejandra Perez


Created with images by AmericanBenchCraft - "american flag usa painting" • brandnewday - "obama barack president usa" • skeeze - "white house mansion president" • Mariamichelle - "bora bora over water bungalows tropical"

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