Immigration BY:Freddy gallegos

My issue is immigration.immigration is the action of coming to live permanetly in a foreign country. people are being affected because there parents are being sended back if there immigrants.Im not being affected by this but i could if ice comes to my house and we open the door.And my parents are being affected because there immigrants but they have good records.

Because there taking them back from where there from.Immigration is taking people away because donald trump won because it use not to be like that and people are 50%not free. its the same because immigration takes people back from where they came.

What new rights or freedoms will this group of people be able to experience? I think that donald is going to quit being president and some one better will be president and give us rights and freedom because immigrants are not bad.

sezar chavez because he freed the slaves and gave them freedom and these are the quotes preservation of ones culture does not require contemp or disrespect for other cultures.

Get everyone to do a protest so donald trump to let immigrants to be in texas because immigrants almost do all the work like buildings and there food is the best.


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