Home Learning and Reading Ward Green Primary School

We would like to start with a massive thank you to all parents and carers for our pupils during these challenging times!

Despite the unfamiliarity and difficulties faced during this pandemic it has been absolutely fantastic to see how everyone has engaged with our home learning through seesaw. Your passion and enthusiasm for learning at home has been truly inspiring!

Home Learning
Home Learning Overview

At Ward Green, we want pupils, families and carers to be excited to share their home learning, furthering their knowledge at home. More importantly, being enthused to share that with their teacher and their peers. This is where we believe this new approach will truly thrive!

All home learning will focus on the three key areas of: Reading, Spelling and Times Tables. These three areas are essential for all children to engage with their learning and provide the framework for learning in school to be enhanced.

We have decided to use seesaw for home work based on the success and feedback from teachers, parents and pupils during the time of home learning.

What will my child's work look like on Seesaw?

Below are examples of what home work will look from September.

Here is an example of what home work tasks will look like. Class teachers will set tasks tailored to their own class to incorporate what they have learned about in school. It also provides updates and information about your child's week.

The overview page remains the same as the previous academic year. Children will be assigned spellings, reading and TT Rockstars homework each week. In addition to this, you will see regular updates about your child's class to discuss with them at home.

This is what home work tasks will look like for the class teacher when the task is first set. Every pupil has a blank above their name showing that they have not responded.

Here is an example that has been responded to. Some children have chosen to write their answers on paper and upload a photo, others have responded directly on an electronic device. Using seesaw gives pupils and parents flexibility to choose what suits them best.

Home Reading

At Ward Green, we believe that reading for pleasure can be a huge step to unlocking a pupil's potential. We want to encourage pupils to discover a wide range of texts and fall in love with reading and share their passion. Ultimately allowing them to access all areas of the curriculum at their appropriate level.

Reading records can still be used. However opening up sharing reading on seesaw can provide more opportunities for children to share their reading beyond the class teacher.

An example of a handwritten reading record uploaded to seesaw simply using a photograph. This can be added behind the template using the 'add page' function.

An example of the template that pupils can type directly on to their electronic device which allows them to show their teacher what they have been reading.

Reading Menu

Our new reading menu will help to provide a variety of activities for you and your child to engage with their reading at home.

These will provide allow you to share reading in different ways with your child in fun and interesting ways.

Complete these on Seesaw electronically or upload images of your child completing these on paper.

What can I do with my child for spelling?
Spelling Menu

Our new spelling menu will help to provide a variety of activities for you and your child to practise their spellings.

Complete these on Seesaw electronically or upload images of your child completing these

What if my child has forgotten their login for Seesaw or Times Table Rockstars?

All class teachers have access to their logins for both digital platforms. If you child requires a new login, these can be easily given to your child.

Will my child get into trouble for not doing homework?

No, children will not be in trouble if they have not completed a task. Of course we would like to encourage families to engage in extending their learning and reading at home. We do offer lunchtime homework clubs for anyone unable to complete their homework to offer support and time for them to complete it.

Do I only have one week to complete homework or reading record entry?

Home learning is expected to be completed within a week of the deadline. However, the tasks will remain on Seesaw throughout the term. This allows flexibility for families to go back and complete sections when they have the time.

Does the home learning have to follow the exact tasks set on seesaw?

No - we want pupils to follow their interests and use their creativity. If reading a book has inspired them to create a piece of artwork then Seesaw allows them to share that with their teacher and their peers. As with home learning, Seesaw is fantastic for sharing ANYTHING that your child has enjoyed over the past week, so add those onto their home learning activity!

I don't have access to digital resources, can I still do home learning?

Yes! Reading records can still be brought in to school and shared with class teachers. Work done on paper can still be posted onto Seesaw.

What are the benefits of using digital resources?
  • Staff can 'like' and 'comment' on uploads to show that have seen it and provide feedback on activities as well as praising the pupil's hard work.
  • All activities are instantly shared on devices. There is no paper trail or book for children to remember in order to complete home learning.
  • We want to maintain the fantastic teacher, child and parent interactions we built up over school closure - Seesaw will allow us to do that and more.