Cobalt By: Sydney Walker

General Information:

Name: Cobalt

Symbol: Co

Atomic Number: 27

Who, What, When was it discovered:

Discovered by Georg Brandt, 1775 in Sweden

Cobalt Poem:

Cobalt salts have been used the longest

And could arguably be the strongest

It depends on what you're using Cobalt for

Glass, Batteries or something more

The many uses of Cobalt:

-Cobalt salts are used to give blue and green colors to windows.

-Is widely used in batteries

-Essential to many living organisms

-A component in vitamin B-12

-Radioactive Cobalt-60 is used in the treatment in Cancer

Facts about Cobalt:

The name comes from the German word Kobold, meaning "goblin ore".

Cobalt only makes up 0.0029% of the Earth's crust.

Only present in nature through compounds

Picture showing what Cobalt is most used for


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