Morocco By: ben kies

Morocco is in the north-eastern part of Africa. Algeria is west to Morocco and the Western Sahara is south to Morocco. Rabat is the capital to Morocco.

Physical features

Morocco's physical features is the Atlas mountains. It is also in the temperature zone


The population in Morocco is 33.01 million people. 193 people/mi are the population. Their growth rate is average with 1% per year.


The GDP per capita is $2,878 per year.

The Life expectancy will be 70.9 years.

The Literacy rate is 71.71%

All of that shows that my country is developing. My first reason is because the GDP per capita is $2878 per year. Another reason is the Literacy rate, which is 77.71%.

The languages the Morocco speak is English, French, Spanish, Berber, Arabic. The main religions is Islam. Morocco has some landmarks like the Atlas mountains and the Bahia Palace. They also have sports like golfing and fishing. Finally they have some special foods like the tagine, couscous, zaalouk, and harira.



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