The Adventures of Benny, The “Sit Spotting” Beaver Book #1: The Legend is Born

Long ago there was a beaver.

He was born in a lodge along the mountainside near a big river.

From the moment his eyes first opened as a baby, his parents knew he was different.

Benny noticed everything.

He noticed the way the Great River moved left to right in the ground.

He observed the tracks of his brothers, Bear and Coyote, and could tell where they stopped along the water’s edge and for how long.

He listened to the songs of the Dark-Eyed Junco, the Cedar Waxling and the Northern Cardinal.

Benny could even tell how long a Doe laid down in the grass the night before by the length of time it took the grass to stand back up straight.

Often, the other Beavers would ask Benny how he knew so much and Benny would reply, “I sit. I spot things. I learn.” Benny called this “Sit Spotting”.

Sit spotting allowed Benny to see the whole world with all of his senses. Some people could see the world through only one or two senses, but Benny could use all of his. He could also see how the different colors, sounds, smells, sights and touches all related to one another. His real secret to his power of observation was his approach to each new day.

Benny saw each day as a blank canvas that began when the morning sun glowed over his dam. This was his canvas to create and his alone.

First, he would imagine the world around him in the shape of a blank outline. He set his intention to be the best builder he could be since he loved to build.

Next, he imagined coloring the outline in one color at a time.

Scarlet reds for the cardinals, deep browns for the bears, forest green for the grasses and leaves, orange and yellow for the sun and glare, blue for the water, Grey for Uncle Wolf and various collaborations of colors only the Creator himself could plan.

Then Benny would fill his canvas in with things to touch. Sticky sap, crunchy wood, sharp pine needles, smooth furs, course bark, moist dew filled grass and cool stones with moss.

The smells came next. Must, pine and fir followed by the gentle overtones of sweet wildflowers from the valleys beyond with Lavender, Sage and more.

Beaver was not just living on Earth, he was part of it!

It wasn’t long before Benny used his powers to help heal beyond his home.

One day Muskrat told him about how the people in a large village nearby needed help.

Muskrat told Benny their story.

They had grown weary with observing and noticing.

For some reason Muskrat couldn’t explain, the people forgot where they came from.

They forgot about, touch, and taste, and smell and even their sight.

Sure, they used their eyes, but not to observe.

Muskrat said the people were using too much “fire” to heat their homes and there was a large cloud that hung over their village causing many to cough.

They heard there was a wise beaver in the forest nearby so they sought him out to ask for help.

So, after hearing their problem,

Benny decided he would let himself be found.

The people asked him, “OH Beaver, the air above our city is so clogged with smoke that we can barely breathe. We know you are wise. What should we do?”

Benny thought about this question for some time and then gave them his answer.

“When we build our lodges, we never cover the whole top with mud. This way, we can get fresh air into our lodge.” Even in a cold winter day, you can see our breath coming through the top of our lodge.”

The people looked confused and said, “We don’t understand, Beaver?”

Benny said, “You need more fresh air coming into the top of your lodge. You have covered your whole home with mud and can breathe nothing else but your own breath.”

After thinking long and hard, what Beaver said began to make sense.

They decided they needed to remove some “mud” from their lodge and add more fresh air into their village.

A year later the people visited Benny and gave him thanks for his help. The cloud of smoke had left the village of the people.

When Benny asked them how, they told him they added more trees and grass and plants to produce more air and they put “sun energy generators” in their town to reduce the smoke. Just like his lodge, the people got rid of the mud and added more fresh air, just like Beaver said.

Soon the word traveled to other villages and lodges about the healing Benny was capable of because of his power of observation and connectedness that he learned from sit spotting. People and animals from all around began to make trips to see Benny to ask him for help.

The legend of Benny, The “Sit Spotting Beaver” had begun.

Created By
Chris Bickel


Created with images by Calsidyrose - "Buc-ees" • Giovana Medeiros - "Deers" • clausheupel - "sunrise clouds sky" • SD-Pictures - "industry sunrise sky" • Nicole Compton - "Beaver Dam" • phototouring - "Traditional red wooden house with green grass roof, Sweden" • Unsplash - "wind farm energy green" • blickpixel - "bieber log rodent"

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