A JOURNEY By Austin Smith

1 palm tree alone in the world

In Florida the Man often ask for peace and harmony, and he is secluded from society because of his many jobs and how unfortunate he is. I sometimes feel secluded in life because im not a social person and often will not interact with people.

The dismal moments in your life

Before you succeed you must fail, Brent faces bleak times during his journey of redemption. This represents how sometimes during sports that you might fall but you have to get back up and fight harder, or you might throw an interception, but on the next drive you have to forget about it and keep on trucking


Brent has no clue on to make a whirligig but he is willing to learn and read to acquire this piece of knowledge. To be successful you must have knowledge and with knowledge comes power. Wisdom comes with time but learning is always happening with me because i go to school and there i am diligent to become wise.

Blood is thicker than water

The Grandma and Granddaughter had joy when looking at the precious memories of their lost one. I can relate to this because I too have lost ones and miss them, and sometimes when you must show respect you automatically show respect towards family because you already have a special relationship between them.


This relates to almost everything and everyone because you must think before you act. Average people and me, we all have consequences, and sometimes not all consequences are bad. For instance when you do a good deed most of the time something will happen to you.


In conclusion, sometimes you must change in order to succeed. And sometimes you must let the wind cary you like a whirligig


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