Oakfield News Issue 64 3rd July 2020

It's a slightly shorter version of the Newsletter this week as we gear up for a bumper edition of the Newsletter next week which will be our final one of the year!

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Note from our Head

I have been inspired this week, when I have been watching and talking to the children and staff, by three character qualities that have been evident in abundance across the school: kindness, strength and optimism.

I have always believed, during these last few months, that we would see the best in people emerge, as it often does, from adversity. The Oakfield community has been tested, certainly, but we have not lost sight of our values, and the children have ably demonstrated their ability to return to normal and work and play with their customary cheerfulness, enthusiasm and real strength of character.

Our children show us that optimism lies at the heart of humanity. People are not programmed to give up, but rather to show tenacity, resilience and determination to carry on. These optimistic qualities attract others to join in working in collaboration to find positive and lasting solutions - exactly what our world needs at the moment. Oakfield needs to remain upbeat, excited and positive about the months to come and the future generally. We are a strong team and will continue to pull together with hope and kindness and find the strength to keep our school on track, even if challenging situations arise again.

For us to achieve this, we also need times of rest and relaxation, and so I wish both for you and your families this weekend!

Moyra Thompson

Year 6 Leavers

For those Year 6 families who are sadly leaving us at the end of the term we would love to be able to see any things you are making to commemorate your time at Oakfield. Whether these things are being made by the children (like Maggie below) or something the parents are making please send photos or videos through to bgolden@oakfield.dulwich.sch.uk. We would love to see all your efforts and we will try not to cry!!!

Practice of the school song in full swing this week!


This week Lower Foundation have been talking about moving onto their new classes in Upper Foundation or Reception

The children made yummy ice creams using different flavours that they wish to take with them on this exciting move.

The children discussed Golden Rules and good behaviours that our new teachers and friends may want to see.

The children created divine ice creams with a variety of flavours including 'Kind Strawberry', 'Listening Vanilla' and 'Helpful Chocolate' Mmmm delicious!


Dear Parents and Carers,

This week in Upper Foundation, we have been making sure we practise all the taught sounds from the year. We have checked over our formation and have been playing lots of different phonic games to help jog our memories of those tricky, recently taught digraphs, trigraphs and split digraphs.

We have also been revisiting taught mathematical concepts of simple addition and subtraction, as well as practising our number formation.

It has been a jam-packed week, but we have made sure to find time to play with our friends.

We found out our ‘new’ classes this week and who our teachers will be next year. The Upper Foundation teachers are thrilled that the classes are staying together as they missed such a lot of time together over the last term.

We have found this week that a number of children have been coming into school without appropriate clothing- a raincoat for days where rain is predicted or a jumper for the chillier days. Next week, please could we ask that you ensure your child has appropriate layers for when they are out in the playground.

You will have now received some or all of your child's books and folders from across the year. We hope that you have a wonderful time looking through them and seeing how far they have progressed. We are so proud of each and every one of them.

We can’t wait for our class parties on Monday. Please remember a party snack and we hope to see the children dressed in their best and ready for dancing!

Year 1

Dear Parents,

It has been a week filled with anticipation! There was a lot of chat leading up to Wednesday’s great reveal. The children were so excited to find out who was going to be their Year 2 teacher. They all enjoyed getting together for their Teams call and acknowledging they were now, Year 2!

The children continue to skip and run into school. The learning has been in full flow and it has been lovely to do some of our learning outside. We have enjoyed seeing the work coming from home too, especially the elaborate and detailed castles.

In Mathematics and English, the children are revising many of the concepts they have covered during this academic year. It is quite amazing to see how hard they have worked, the extent of their learning and how much they have retained.

As our Topic of Loving London comes to an end, the children have been sending in photographs of their amazing creations. They have enjoyed talking to the class about their castles and how they went about putting the design together.

We will be sending the children home with many of their workbooks next week. Please could we ask you to bring in a long-life bag on Monday, something strong and sturdy to take the weight! Please enjoy looking at all the work together. You will not need to return any of the folders or books in September.

Microsoft Teams meeting week 11: Wednesday 8th July 11:15am

Kind regards,

The Year One Team

Anna made this brill video showing her great castle off!

Year 2

Sports Day

The 3 bubbles enjoyed a sports afternoon today bathed in lovely sunshine and it featured healthy competition, lots of support for the other teams and great desire and application from all the boys and girls. More photos to follow next week but a small selection below. Well done everyone!


Some pictures and writings about Malala who recently graduated from Oxford University having campaigned for girls' rights to an education:

Year 6

Year 6 have been designing and making their own clocks in their afternoons back in school

It's art o'clock!

Oakfield Diploma

Here we have just 3 examples of some of the great things our Year 6s have been producing as part of their Oakfield Diploma: Arianna with her home made 'Never have I ever..' game, Ella with her memories book and Danny with his chessboard and pieces - all homemade!

Black Lives Matter: 500 Words

An amazingly powerful poem from Didi and Niah which was their entry for the 500 Words: Black Lives Matter competition which asked for creative writing expressing personal experience, empathy, learning and respect that builds on the international conversation around Black Lives Matter.

House Points

House Points are as follows:

  • Baird -11,121
  • Pearsall -11,379
  • Ruskin - 10,786
  • Webster - 10,722


Created with images by Brooke Lark - "Dead of winter over here in SLC. So I decided a pitcher full of sunshine in the form of sparkling sangria was most definitely on the menu." • Hana Lopez - "untitled image" • Crew - "Hanging shirts and jackets" • Kimberly Farmer - "A collection of books. A little time. A lot of learning." • Caroline Justine - "untitled image" • Arièle Bonte - "grl pwr in lisbon" • Leo Wieling - "Recording the vocals" • Nikhita Singhal - "Birthday cake"