Bluff City Blues 100 Allie Fairly & Autumn Woods

Overview of MHBC & BCB100

Mission Statement of Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club

Creating a Better Community Through Bicycling in the Greater Memphis Area.

Vision of the Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club

Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club envisions an inclusive, diverse and accepting community where people of all ages and backgrounds bicycle to work, to get around, and for fun and for health and where bicycling brings people and neighborhoods together in the Greater Memphis Area.


  • Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club has approximately 1500 members.
  • BCB100 started over 26 years ago, under the name of Fall Classic
  • In 2006 changed name from Fall Classic to BCB100
  • Ride route is constantly being modified, never being in the same location over 2 years in a row
  • BCB100 has grown from 182 participants to over 620 in the past year

Statement of Objectives

  1. To reach out to millennial generation in order to spread the word about the BCB100 and the community within the MHBC by use of social media, event sponsorships and flyers distributed at local hangouts and popular venues.
  2. Incorporate a new design for a jersey in to the new promotional strategy.
  3. Create an outlet for greater community involvement and support for the BCB100.

Target Audience

The target audience involves a younger demographic between the ages of 18-35 years. The target audience ranges from college students to family oriented individuals and originate from within the city of Memphis. By implementing this specific demographic, the organization has the potential to grow at a great rate. The younger generations play a key role in the expansion of the brand. This audience is well informed with social media and is generally assumed to be technologically savvier, therefore, increasing awareness through these outlets will allow for more information conveyed to a wider audience.

Positioning Statement

To all aspiring cycling athletes who want exposure to a competitive yet entertaining environment that welcomes all ages, the BCB100 (Bluff City Blues 100) creates a platform for developing skills as a cyclist and as a valued team member. The completion of the race and training creates a sense of satisfaction in the ability of achieving great feats. The BCB100 is a locally held event within the greater Memphis area and is organized for cyclists that want to experience rides that range from 20, 40, 62 &100 miles.

Creative Brief

  • Opportunity: To reach out to a younger demographic and expose them to the love of cycling and sparking their interest in the BCB100.
  • Tone and Manner: Friendly, Motivating, Simplistic, Educational
  • Work Scope: Hiring intern(s) to aid in the emphasis on millennial marketing. Revamped social media utilization. Reach out to local events for sponsorship/partnership opportunities.

IMC Tools



Social Media

Event Sponsorship


Microsoft Excel

Total Cost of Advertising Budget if hired intern = $3,230

Implementation Strategy

  1. Social Media
  2. Sponsorship of Local Events
  3. News Channel Interview
  4. Physical Presence

Evaluation and Effectiveness

To determine if the strategy was an effective means would be by resulting in the amount of millennial participants increasing in the BCB100 ride in October 2017. MHBC is densely populated with the Baby Boomer generation, so seeing the younger generation at the rides would be noticeable. The goal is to not only have them ride once, but to actually have consider joining the organization in general.

Jersey Creation Idea

Created using Adobe Illustrator


The main goal of this strategy is to present options and ideas for the expansion of the BCB100. When implementing these suggestions, the BCB100 has the potential to witness an increase in the amount of millennial participants within the future of the ride. By supporting the local community, spreading flyers with information, revamping social media, and hiring intern(s) the MHBC should see millennial growth in the BCB100.


  • (Memphis Skyline Watercolor Picture)
  • Adobe Spark & Adobe Illustrator
  • Jenny Cowell's Powerpoints

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