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Seattle is in the state of Washington and is Washington's biggest city, in the north west region. It is home to 684,451 residents as of 2015. Seattle is also the capital of Washington. Popular company's in Seattle are the Microsoft and the amazon headquarters. It is located in between Puget sound and (it is the northern pacific coast, when the water come to the shore) lake Washington, about 100 miles south of the Canadian and north American border.

Boeing company in seattle


Boeing aircraft is they biggest aircraft making company, it is also one of Seattle's biggest company. they Boeing factory has lots of mishaps like in Vietnam they military had an order for fighter jets, but the order had not come in until the war ended and the military canceled the order. so due to that Boeing was in debt of $2 billion as it built the 747.

Seattle was founded by the members of the Denny party, most of them arrived at alkali Beach on November 13, 1851 and then, in April 1852, they relocated to the eastern shore line on the Elliott Bay. one of Seattle biggest booms was during the Klondike gold rush. some nicknames for Seattle are Emerald City, the Jet City, and Rain City.

The Space neddle


The space needle was built in 1962, making it 55 years old. it was built right over the Seattle center and is Seattle's biggest attraction. it has an elevator that takes you up into it towering over the city. it is 605 feet tall and got its name because it looks like a space ship on stilts. it was built for the 1962 world fair.

Pike Place Market


There are many attractions in Seattle one of the biggest markets is located in Seattle it is called the Pike Place Market. Seattle has many other attractions like The Space Needle, Olympic Sculpture Park, The Chihuly Garden.

Olympic Sculpture ParK
raining in Seattle inside the Seattle center


Seattle has an average of 50 degrees to 80 degrees in the summer. in the winter it can be anywhere under 50 degrees. It is known as the oceanic or temperate marine climate. Seattle has some what dry summers and wet winters and springs. Seattle also doesn't get snow like we do. when we get snow it normally stay around, when Seattle gets snow it is washed away from the rain in a matter of days.


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