I am the host of NBC's Consumer 101, a national broadcast show that airs every Saturday morning on NBC and January 2019 on Telemundo. It's the first-ever television show from Consumer Reports and I'm happy to contribute to the history of such a great institution.

When I'm not hosting Consumer 101, I am a bilingual entertainment journalist/pundit with an intense curiousity for film, television, media and bicultural pop culture. This curiosity led me to frequent television appearances on the TODAY show and VH-1, plus E!, MSNBC, Telemundo and Univision, radio appearances on Univision Radio writing for the likes of People En Español magazine and NBCNews.com, and have moderated Hollywood studio Q&A panels with Jessica Chastain, Gael Garcia Bernal. I'm very blessed.

I built my own pop culture website which is called ShowBizCafe.com. It's a place for me to explore and detail my opinions on the mainstream and Latino mainstream entertainment scene. You know... the stuff that makes us think, dance and be happy.

I also love podcasts, so I did one of my own. It is called Highly Relevant with Jack Rico. Here I converse with smart people about the "why and how" of pop culture, especially multicultural pop culture, as it relates to all of us. I think it's a good listen.

New York City is my birthplace and hometown. I achieved some proud milestones in this city: in 1999, I became one of the founding anchors of Univision’s first Spanish-language morning newscast, and created ¡Viva Broadway! the first Hispanic initiative of The Broadway League.

I have been honored by the Associated Press, been the recipient of El Diario's 'EL' Award as well as a Latin Ace Award and have been honored by the New York Knicks at MSG. I am a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association, the largest film critic organization in the United States, and the New York Film Critics Online.

“They say that the best thing in life is to marry the thing you’re the best at with the thing you love the most.” - JR


I've done many on-screen appearances in my career, here are some of the more memorable ones.


(L to R: Megyn Kelly, Telemundo, Nick Lachey, Arise News, Kathie Lee & Hoda, MSNBC, Fusion, TODAY, NY1)


(L to R: People En Español Magazine, ShowBizCafe.com, NBCNews.com, VarietyLatino)

I have a weekly pop culture podcast called Highly Relevant. Each episode has an audience of approximately 5,000 listeners. The premise is to identify and explain how multiculturalism is influencing and reshaping American pop culture and vice versa. I do that by speaking with the most highly relevant newsmakers of the week, along with the nation's most respected and influential journalists about what they see and why it matters. You can expect incisive and insightful commentary, thought-provoking interviews and curated recommendations about what you should watch, read and listen to. This is a podcast for people who want a real look at what American pop cuture looks like in 2018. Have a listen via iTunes, Spotify or Pandora on your phone 🎧!

My Podcast Guests

Guests of the podcast (L to R: Director Sebatian Lelio, Mark Consuelos, Juanes, Dolores Huerta, Coco's Adrian Molina to name a few)

Let's connect!

If you'd like a look at my most recent work (interviews, think pieces, podcast shows), you can find it at ShowBizCafe.com.

Email: jrico@showbizcafe.com

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