R5-D4 and his great escape. By Julia Wilder

R5-D4 was abandon on the planet of Alderaan forever waiting for his closest friend C3P0 to come and rescue him. He had faith in C3P0 , but after waiting a long 3 days he began to loose hope.
Now that R5-D4 decided CP30 was never going to rescue him he was going to need to find a way to live on this planet all by himself. He was going to search for some shelter but suddenly he heard a strange noise in the sky, he didn't want to believe it could be CP30 because he didn't want to get his hopes up once again, so he continued his search.
As he turned the corner...he was devastated! No! It was General Grievous ! How did he find me? R5-D4 ask himself. He knew he had to get away quick .
General Grievous was so powerful there was no way a small droid could get away from him, but R5-D4 wasn't going to give up, so he got away for as long as he could and suddenly..
CP30 flies through the sky out of no where and saves R5-D4. He feels awful for ever doubting his friend. They got away once again !


Created with images by Hans - "starry sky star galaxies"

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