Middle school activities By mehakpreet randhawa

My Research

Hello, my name is Mehakpreet. I researched about sports, clubs, and events. I was interested in this topic because I enjoy these activities. The purpose of my research was to see what activities Monroe Local Schools students from the middle school like. I asked the question, "What activities do Monroe Local Schools students in the middle school like?" To answer my research question I asked 9 people. The sample was made up by my teacher with a random generator. I avoided sample bias by a random generator .

All of the survey takers were in 7th grade

Survey Results

I was expecting to find that students liked to participate in sports, clubs, and events. I did find what I was expecting. Only 22.2% of students did not play sports. My survey did achieve its purpose. This is because I found out how many students liked to play sports, take part in plays, go to school dances, etc. I think that the results can be applied to everyone in school. This is because a lot of people take part in activities. The results of this survey can be used to see what activities are being used more than others.

Amount of people that play sports. Blue is yes red is no.
Amount of people that take part in plays. Blue is yes red is no.
Amount of people that go to school dances. Blue is yes red is no.

What to Change

As a next step I would redo my survey. If I was to do my survey again I would change some of the questions. I would also ask more people to take my survey next time. I would change my questions because I could get better results next time. I would also ask more people to take my survey next time because it makes the results more valid.


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