Sectarian Violence in India a fight between Hindus and Muslims


One of the things that make the legacy of India is the violence that occurs between the Muslims and Hindu. The causes of this hatred for each other are many and have existed for hundreds of years and will continue on for an unknown amount of time.

The aum (left) a symbol of Hinduism ( and the crescent and star (right) a symbol of Islam. (

What are the Cause of Sectarian Violence in India?

The cause of Sectarian Violence in India between Hindus and Muslims are cattle. Cattle are seen at the status of a celestial beings. It enrages them to see those of the lower classes "slaughtering and smuggling" animals. Most of the time, the victims haven't done any wrong, other times, the vigilantes get there before the authorities do. There have been more than a few cases where Hindus have harassed, killed, and damaged other who have been for the most part, Muslim Dalits.

"In the episode Wednesday, the police received a tip about a truck carrying cattle in the village of Sarahan and set up a barricade to intercept it. But the truck broke down about a mile before reaching the barricade, the police said, and it was then that the activists who were following the truck attacked the five men. Devender Singh Yadav, a police inspector in Saharanpur, said that the man who died of his injuries was 'a hardened criminal known for cattle smuggling and cow slaughter.' The four who survived have been arrested and charged with cattle theft and cruelty to animals."

That was only only one case in India, no arrests were made when it came to those who attacked. In other cases it is said that laws are very 'lax' when it comes to those who do these violent actions. Another case was when Hindu activists assaulted a Muslim family over suspicions of them eating beef. An accusation they denied, a mob went to their home and the father of the family was killed and his son was wounded.

Other times the Dalits are tied up against something and are whippped to harmed in any way. Or in a special case where fed some type of substance including cow feces. This should not happen especially now, when India is modern, and secular democracy, but it continues

The current governmental party of India, allows this type of violence to occur, it has happened more frequently. Than under the control of the Congressioal Party in control of India which promised to protect Dalits and Muslims in India.

Hindus and Muslims have always clashed now of the things that has been passed down for hundreds of years. In India Dalits have been looked down upon and have always been harassed for who they were born as. But now, in another nation, a neighbor to India and apart of the Subcontinent of India, is Bangladesh where Hindus are in the minority, are being attacked by the Muslims.


What are the Cause of Sectarian Violence in Bangladesh?

Muslims are in this case the cause of violence in Bangladesh, sometimes there seems to be no true reason to harm Hindus in Bangladesh, except for maybe contempt for the other religions. But there are few cases where Muslims feel that they are disrespected and take it into their own hands.

A New York Times article describes one of these incidents, "On Saturday, an Islamic group in Nasirnagar organized a protest against a Facebook post it found offensive. The post included an image of the Hindu god Shiva appearing at a Muslim holy site in the Saudi city of Mecca. The crowd demanded that the young Hindu man who created the image be put to death. Nevertheless, the group was given permission to hold a rally the next day, and mosque loudspeakers were used to mobilize an even larger group, said Anjan Kumar Deb, the vice chairman of Nasirnagar subdistrict. The Muslims in a town in Bangladesh were enraged by this disrespect and demanded that he die for his crimes. A local mosque in the region of Nasirnagar held a rally to protest the action.On Sunday, hundreds of Muslims entered a Hindu neighborhood, where they ransacked 15 temples and the homes of more than 100 families, Mr. Deb said. He said that the mob “used long, hard sticks and locally made sharp weapons” to assault Hindus they found there, and that at least 20 people, including a priest, were wounded."

Both parties are at fault in this encounter, one can see that the human being that put the God in the mosque, was disrespectful. But it did not warrant an attack on an entire community and their holy places. But in other cases. There wasn't a true reason.

Another time Muslim men were aggravated by the fireworks being set off at a Hindu festival, so they moved upon the temple that was nearby and pelted the temple and its goers with stones.

Four other episodes of religious violence were recorded at roughly the same time: On Sunday, crowds ransacked four Hindu temples and households in the nearby town of Madhabpur, the police said. On Monday, unidentified men broke into a temple in Hathazari, near the city of Chittagong, stealing gold jewelry and cash left by worshipers at a Hindu festival, the Hathazari police said.

There was no obvious cause for these acts of violence, or it wasn't mentioned in the reports.

But the police and the government are trying their best to quell this action. They claim the violence has never been this bad. And are making arrests towards both Hindus and Muslims. The government in Bangladesh isn't as biased as in India

Peace -


This research has answered one question and created a few others. Such as:

Why doesn't the government and those who do not sympathize with the cause of the Gau Rakshaks, try to reform these "lax" laws?

Why do Muslims continue to cause this violence why do they seek an end to the violence?

Why not in both cases do the government not intervene when it's comes to these petty squabbles and bring peace to their nations.

Violence should never be the answer, but when others find the cause they move forward to stop the problem. To cut the snake by it's head, and bring peace to region. And finally push for the country to be peaceful and truly secular.

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