Journey Log 3 By Adam Schwartz

Adam Schwartz- adambomb25

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Journey Log 3


When I write these journey logs, I always try to find two readings from the week and relate them to my own life to get a more meaningful experience… and it makes it easier to write. This week was a little different though, because we only had the monster readings for our assigned classification and the envision chapters. Now I understand the importance of these readings and I actually do enjoy skimming through them because they show some valid points, but honestly I just don’t want to bullshit you because I don’t really have anything meaningful to write about them. So moving on to my monster reading, as a ranger I read “Monsters and the Moral Obligation.” What I really took away from this was that we see monsters in a clear way, like the Taliban cutting off a principal's head for teaching women, but how do you think they view themselves? When they go in do they think the end justifies the means, accepting themselves as monsters for a “just cause”, or do they really see themselves as the good guys? And then I thought about myself, I’ve never looked at myself as the bad guy, thinking back in my life I’m always the protagonists in my stories. The good guy, the player who wins the game, the student who gets the good grade, the guy who gets his dream girl, but what if I’m not. What if I’m despised by others, hated for being the opponent, I’ve got to be the antagonists in someone’s book of life. Should I care or should I just focus on being the protagonists? What really comes down to defining a monster is empathy, put yourself in someone else’s and walk around, are their monsters or does everything have a reason?

The worst part about this state of logic, is there’s really no end, it’s all philosophical so I want to focus on some specific events. It’s fifth grade, the class president race is coming down to the wire and it’s between my best friend at the time, and me. Somehow I ended up pulling out that victory, but from that point something was always different, even my friend’s mom said that loss really got in his head. I sound like a douchebag for winning, but honestly that election helped solidify my confidence that year and even going into middle school, I was well known in my small school. I never thought about that day of the election in his point of view, did he see me as the antagonist or perhaps the monster that kept him from gaining the confidence I got? Should I care, is it selfish not to care? Merriam Webster defines monster as “one who deviates from normal or acceptable behavior or character.” This brings me to my final point, “monsters” are extremely subjective, because to the “monsters”, they are probably the protagonists, doing good against the antagonists. So do you see yourself in any situation where you’re the antagonist, and if so aren’t you technically a monster?

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