Improving our school lunches

My driving Question: How can I make our school lunches appeal more to the students?

From This

To This

School lunch survey

  • Both an online and a paper survey. (they will have the same questions.)
  • The lunch ladies will use the survey results to improve the lunches as much as they can.
  • There will be announcements telling the students how to take the survey and what the survey does for them.
  • There could be barcodes in every classroom, and if students have free time at the end of class, they could ask their teacher to use their cellphones to take the survey.
  • Teachers could also take the survey.

How the students benefit

  • The lunches will be improved.
  • The students will feel happy that they finally get a say about the school lunches.
  • Students would eat all of their lunch because they would like it more, causing them to not be as hungry during school, and get better grades because they are not thinking about food.
  • students athletes could do better because they wont be as hungry during games.

How the school benefits

  • More students will buy lunch, instead of packing, causing the school to make more money.
  • The students will like the school more.
  • The school's average scores could go up because of students being more full and doing better in class.
  • Our school teams could do better because they wont be as hungry while playing.

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