Sarah Cummins' Journey By: Sarah Cummins

The roller coaster represents my decision to play field hockey because it is scary at first to try something new, but it turns out it was a lot of fun and a great experience. At this point in my journey I had to decide if I should play field hockey or not. I decided to play and learned that it's okay to venture out into new things because sometimes change and new experiences bring new and better things. I grew from this experience because I realized I can do more than just dance and that I should try and make new friends and meet new people more often. Field hockey had a very positive impact on me because I made many new close friends and I ventured out beyond just dance. It impacted others because I became friends with them and made strong connections.

Candy is a symbol for me joining unified basketball. It symbolizes this because it is really good and I can't find anything wrong with it. I had to decide if unified basketball was something I was really interested in, if I wanted to participate, and if I could put my full attention into it. By choosing to join unified basketball I learned that helping others is rewarding. This helped me grow as a person because it teaches me how to work with others. It has impacted me by teaching me how to work with disabled kids and making connections with them. It impacted others by helping them learn to make connections with others.
A book symbolizes me getting my confirmation because my religious journey is told in chapters year by year and my confirmation is the end of my journey as a child. My decision was to stay in religion classes even when my sisters quit. I've learned through religion classes and making it to Confirmation to stay committed to the things you start even if you din't enjoy them. This has made me grow because I've learned that I can commit to things and I will not quit when things are rough. It impacted me because I've learned commitment and I've learned my faith. It affected my family, especially my grandparents because they are all proud of me.
A rose symbolizes dance because it is something I love but they are still some thorns that don't make it as enjoyable. The choice I made was to stay with dance and not let my team down and make the most of it even though everyone was leaving. The lesson I learned is don't quit when things are bad because better times will come. I've grown as a person because unlike everyone else I stayed and I didn't just follow the crowd. This has impacted me because it made my stronger and also happy because I love dance and I'm glad I stuck with it. It affected others because my team wouldn't have a team without me.
A rock with gems on the inside symbolizes honors geometry because even though it is hard and dull on the outside once you get to the inside it is very beautiful and rewarding. The decision I had to make was to stay in honors geometry or move to normal geometry. I decided to keep challenging myself in honors and I've learned that challenges can only make a person stronger and give people rewarding things. Stating in honors geometry impacts me because it makes me work harder and gives me a better work ethic. Honors challenges me and makes me persevere.

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