Future Careers

Preparing for the future

How do students know what career they want to pursue in the future?

By: Suzie Cano

Here at Paso Robles High School, many students are preparing for their future careers, but how do they know which career would be best for them? An interviewee of mine from PRHS, Addy Gomez, says, “About 2 years ago I had this passion for music and writing; I’m proud to admit that even with the fear of knowing I could fail to achieve this dream of mine, I began my journey by believing in myself.” Most students find fear while coming to the conclusion that they need to start thinking about their futures. According to the web source, “Bureau of Labor Statistics”, “Most people need some preparation before they’re ready for the workforce, and planning should begin long before it’s time to start a career.” So take control of your future and start by creating a plan. PRHS student, Cindy Jaimes, claims that she is aspiring to be an athletic trainer. She says, “This year I have been taking an Intro to Healthcare class and it has been really helping me study the different parts of the body. I feel very confident about what i’ve learned so far this year and I can’t wait to see where it leads me to.” As you can see, one of the great opportunities students have in high school is being able to take classes that would be helpful for their future career. But not all students know what career they would like to pursue in the future. According to “Concrete’s” website, a number of “44% students don’t know what they want to do after graduation.” Being undecided for your future career is not the position you want to be in. But there are options to look over while being enrolled in high school.

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Suzie Cano

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