Principles of the US Constitution Alivia Dussault

Federalism: Federalsim is used to divide power between states and federal government. Federlism helps keep the balance of power. it maintains power so not just one group of the government can control everything. in article 1 section 9 clause 5 in the constitution it sates that the federal government cant make state taxes. its denying the power they want. in article 1 section 10 it declared that the state government cant print money. this is giving each government different priorities.

Checks and Balances: Checks and balances limits the three branches power of eachother, this way not one branch becomes to powerful. counterbalancing influences an organization or system to break up the power. The three branches, executive, legislative and judical all have the same amout if power each branch is very important to the constitution. article 1 section 7 clause 1 stated the president does not have all the power. who you would think is the most powerful is just as equal to the rest of the party.

limited government: limited government is a system that is bound to certain principles of action by a state constituition. it states all the power the government is able to have. government leaders cant disobey the law. Article II , section 1 clause 2 says you can not be in two of the three branches. for example if you were to be the president you can not be the senate.

Seperation of powers: seperation of powers is where the power of the three branches, legislative, executive and judical all spilt the power. they are all important to the government and not one branch is in more control. Article III section 1, clause 2 exsplains the power the judicial branch is able to handle by the supreme court.

Representative Government: the principle of representative allows citizends to be able to vote for all the manners. the government has given the people a say to pick who they want to represent them. in Article 1, section 2, clause 1 it states that people are allowed to vote for the house of representitives. example of the people having a say in who goes in the government, we vote for a president every four years.

popular sovereighty: popular sovereighty sates all of the governments right come from the people. the govenment isnt the only thing that run the counrty.vthis makes it so the people also have a little bit of power. "we the people" this is the people as a whole have a say and not just the government.

Quick quiz:

what are the 6 princibles of the consitution?

give an example of cheack and balances?

clarify why seperation of power would be important?

which princiable do you think is most important?

do you think federalism is a good or bad thing?


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