Healthy, local foods Reyna zachEr and kensi comfort

There are multiple local food markets in Lawrence, including this picture of Natural Grocers. We can get food from these places instead of having unhealthy processed food shipped in and the result would be help us and the environment. There are multiple maps such as this one that you can go to when needing to find a local farmers market or store.
When food is shipped in instead of getting it from local food markets, the trucks, planes, or other transportation it comes in pollutes the air and is bad for the environment. Processed food is also bad for our bodies, so buying local food will not only make the environment healthier, but also make us healthier.
Living a healthy lifestyle will be help you and the environment. If South served healthier and more local foods for breakfast and lunch, we would be saving the planet and eating healthier foods with more variety. Students, staff, and the Earth would benefit greatly by not having processed food at lunch and breakfast. More local food would keep students happy and healthy, causing them the energy they need for their school work, and at the same time helping the planet.

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