Veterinarian My jOB

What I learned from doing research on my career was what classes I was going to have to take and how much I got paid a year.

So if I wanted to be a veterinarian I would have to take the following classes

- Animal Science, food and nutrition and saftey and aid. If I decided that I did'nt want to be a veterinarian I could be a Zoologist or Animal scientist or a Surgeon.

The things I would have to be good at if I wanted to be a vet would be, use there hands to handle,control,or feel objects,tools or controls. I would also have to be good at standing for a period of time. Also see details of objects that are less than a few feet away.

I would have to work 50 hours a week. I would make 88,490 dollars a year for an average vet in the United States.

Preperation for being a vet would be.

Vet medicine- usually takes 4 years to complete. I would also have to complete one-year of internship after vet school. And I would have to preform surgery on animals.


Social- 32 Investigative- 27 conventional- 9 Artistic- 21 realistic- 12 Enterprising- 35


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