Castle In The Clouds four things to do there

At the castle in the clouds there are four things to do there.Since the castle in the clouds has 4 things to do there you should pay attention to all the facts.Read on to find out about the horses, castle,hiking path, the food, what they look like,and transportation.


One thing to do is go to the stables to see and ride the horses. You can bring carrots, peppermints or apples to feed the horses. They love the extra treats and remember you for feeding them.It seems like that is amazing,and it really is. Each horse has a labeled name tag so you know what their name is. Talking about the horse rides. For young kids below age 8, you can go on a pony ride this is where you can go on a small paved path with someone walking next to you making sure you are ok. Most of the time, you will ride an adult horse. For each kid 8 and above you can go on a trail ride. This is when you go on a adult horse and go into the woods and control the will go with a leader and at least 10 other people. You will ride your own horse that is assigned and have a reserved time so you will feel safe. Do not worry adults can come on the ride too.These are some things about the amazing horses at the castle in the clouds.


When you get to the castle you will have to wait for a person to give you a tour , it may take a while but it is so worth it. When the tour guide comes she/ he will bring you and 15 other people into a room and talk about the house and the Thomas Plant's life.He was a millionaire and built the castle in 1914.[ that's right a millionaire us to live there] any way after that was over you can go with your family into the rooms of the castle . When you walk into the castle, you should look at all the facts. It is important to pay attention because it is trying to teach you about history and what is the point of going to a millionaire's house without learning about him. There are many secret path ways there including a passageway that leads to another room.You can also go outside and look at the pretty garden with lots of daisy, tulips,petunias,and lilies.And you can also take pictures there in the gazebo.You can also have your weddings there because it is so beautiful. This is so much fun to do.

Hiking Paths

Near the horse stable there is a dirt path that is the hiking path. When you walk down that path you will find three paths. If you go down the path in the middle that is the path that the

Horses go. [ so do not be alarmed if you see horses coming towards you, just move out of the way.] The next path that you can go down is the path to the left. If you go down this path you will go into the woods and then not know where you are going. The last path you can go down is the path to the right that is similar to the path to the left except it has more than one way to go and it is labeled and at the very top there is a bench overlooking the beautiful view, this particularly is my favorite path because I love looking at all the mountains, bouts and the lake. This is why I love all the hiking paths.


If you go to the castle and see all the spectacular things there then you will probably get very hungry and very thirsty. You could bring a water bottle and some snacks, but you should really go to there restaurant. All you have to do to get there is go to the bench out front and wait for the trolley to come get you and bring you to the restaurant.when you first walk into the restaurant you will see a desk and wedding pictures. There will be a person who will ask you If you want to eat Inside or outside.If you choose to eat outside then you will be seated at a table overlooking the view of Lake Winnipesaukee.[ like the bench at the top of the hiking path.] The only thing that is bad about eating outside is the horrible bees. So watch out for them if you are going to eat outside. If you are going to eat inside then you will be amazed at where you eat.You will eat in the carriage house this is the original horse stable. Now I will talk about the food. They have lots of options there. You can get lobster rolls,burgers,soup, fish,and so many more things to get.This is why I recommend eating here at the castle in the clouds.

Fun facts

They have ice cream there

You can feed giant trout fish

There are picnic tables there

There are horse rides where you sit in a carriage and a horse pulls you

There are different colored trolleys

There is a gift shop

There are bathrooms there

You can go at night and see the planets and stars

There is an antique car show in the summer

Jazz music at night

Yoga classes

Take a class about native plants,flowers and mushrooms

The castle in the clouds has 4 amazing things to do there. Even if you do not get to go to all the 4 places it is so much fun even if you just visit one,but remember be patient.


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