The Beginning of everything by: Robyn Schneider

Characters: The Characters include Ezra, a senior who was a former popular tennis player at his school and had a top ranking in his class until he got into a car accident on prom night while trying to leave a party where he found his girlfriend cheating on him.

Toby is one of Ezra's old time friends that he hasn't spoken to much over the years and he pops back into Ezra's life after he is somewhat rejected from hanging out with his old popular friends. Toby is made fun of because when he was little he was part of a tragic accident while on a roller coaster in Disney world and caught the head of someone. Toby encourages Ezra to join the debate team where he gets to learn more about Cassidy, a girl that will change him forever.

Cassidy is the not so popular redhead who just moved to a new school where she meets her new friends and gets tangled up into joining the debate team because Ezra thought it would be a funny joke. She used to be a champion debater but doesn't want to carry on. Ezra and Cassidy start dating and they plan to go to prom together but then she stands him up which leads to Ezra to resort to his old friends.

Charlotte, Ezra's former girlfriend who just so happens to be the most popular girl in school and a cheerleader, finds to like Ezra's former best friend and their group leave Ezra as an outcast.

summary- The book is a reflection of Ezra Faulkner's, a boy who had it all and describes his life in which he starts the book by explaining toby's horrible accident on his 12th birthday. He goes through most of his life being average ,he was captain of the tennis team and having the hottest girl in school as a girlfriend until the car accident at the party of his friends house where no one even stayed to help him get an ambulance. His life dramatically changes and he undergoes several surgeries his junior year in high school only to return to be shot down by his friends and old girlfriend. He enters a new age of his life and meets and amazing girl Cassidy. He spends tons of time with her and loves her beautiful simplicity. They go on debate team trips together and she teaches him how to be successful in the competitions. They have fun on the trips and sneak alcohol into the hotel rooms and play games with all of their debate team friends including toby. Cassidy and Ezra plan to go to prom but she bails out not telling Ezra why. Soon to find out, Cassidy's brother is the one who hit Ezra the night of the accident and she reveals that he died a couple of days after the accident.

Setting takes place in Florida and Eastwood high school.

I would recommend this book because it is one of my favorite books I have ever read and it is very relatable for a high school student. It is also very witty and the author is very unpredictable.

Favorite quotes

"The funny thing about gold is how quickly it can tarnish(16)."

" I put on my turn signal, in case a coyote was curious which way i wanted to turn...The way I figured it, keeping quiet was safe. Words could betray you if you chose the wrong ones, or mean less if you chose too many(66)."

"That night I sat at my dest going over Moreno's correction on my Gatsby practice essay. The lampposts in Meadowbridge park had been on for hours, illuminating the honeysuckle bushes. I thought about Cassidy's flashing light, about how I stood at my window waiting for her room to go dark, and how F. Scott Fitzgerald would have loved that(170)."

It was interesting how relateable this book was because it resembled my life in many ways. Ezra had a spanish teacher named Ms. Martin and was reading the great gatsby. It was crazy to think that everything that was going on in the book I could personally identify with in one way or another.


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