Tips to cope with Anxiety Especially for teens

First of all - there is no cure for anxiety as every human being has it although some just have it worse and more often than others. Even though there is no cure as there is nothing to cure, there are ways to help you shift your anxiety so you can led a more healthy and happier lifestyle. All you need to know is that it's not your fault you have anxiety but you can help yourself if you choose to.

Some teens and adult think that drugs and smoking and getting drunk are the only ways to help alleviate the stress of having more severe anxiety as usually everything is more heightened and everything seems worse than it really is with anxiety. Don't turn to ways out, instead turn to coping mechanisms such as baking, playing candy crush, fiddling with a toy, etc.

With anxiety you most likely feel alone and like you're the only one who really feels this way but you aren't as we all go through it some time in our lives.Most of the time you are not alone and have someon to turn to even if you don't realise it and having someon there does it make it better and puts things into perspective. And if you don't have someone there are always helplines such as the samaritans who chat to you and listen to how you feel and your problems which I highly recommend.

Looking at lots of social media also doesn't help when you are feeling down or stressed, especially in teens as everything looks so perfect on social media and in your life it's all terrible which makes things a lot worse. You have to remember that it is only just pictures of a second at a given time and remember not to be influenced by peer pressure or pictures to do something that makes you uncomfortable or stressed as this builds anxiety.

Thanks for reading! & leave a 💗 if you want actual tips on how to help control anxiety :)

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