YouTube Gaming Infographic By antony mock

Gaming has become one of the most viewed genres of video on the internet. YouTube is no exception to this trend. The infographic shows several lesser known and unexpected facts about the trend of gaming as entertainment online. The statistics and other information involved are only pertaining to YouTube.

The information given in the graphic is meant to explain easily the degree to which gaming now dominates other genres of YouTube. This information illustrates, clearly, how much the genre of gaming has risen recently. It focuses on the current power of the genre, rather than the growth. This is done because the process of growth was varied in success over the last decade (which can be seen in the charts and tables found in my sources).

The purpose of the infographic is to catch the attention of those interested in games, but who do not already participate in the online video content. This graphic is meant to inspire them to look at YouTube gaming as an asset in their gaming arsenal.


Created with images by USA-Reiseblogger - "youtube tablet news"

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