On the Tuesday I attended a game show where I got to show my game off to the public for the first time which was a large deal because of the amount of easy feed back I will get from demo. Overall the feedback was positive mostly saying how they enjoyed the layout of the levels. This good feedback for me because a lot of thought went into my layouts and having positive feedback helps me in the future know how I did well and what to include later.

Going to the event also gave me a lot of feedback for my Bugs for my game, most of these bugs were also new to me so it covered a lot of ground of the polishing of the game. Example, a little bit of level texture, a vine specifically would push you out on the y axis and you would fall though the world. This was an easy fix I just moved them back on the y axis until they could now longer collide with the player. I'm quite happy overall with the feedback gotten from the event, one minor flaw I found was the small questionnaires didn't really work out and it never ended up being convenient for them to just fill it out because of how quickly things went, It felt quite out of place. To still get feedback though I asked them questions after playing and write it down for later reflection.

With the feedback obtained from the Tuesday I decided to being debugging the simple easy fixes, the first being the vine textures they were too close to the player on the y axis so I simply moved them back. The second was not playing the dying animation or re spawning when I died from acid to fix this i simply copied the death code from my spiked damage which worked because the functionality is identical, this fixed that bug. The final bug I managed to solve was an Acid based bug which would increase the players movement speed each time the entered. This one was slightly confusing to begin with but my goal way to have it slow when the player walked into the acid and the slow would stop once they left, however it was only giving the move speed portion to solve this I made an on collation event and added .75x to player movement speed, then an a collation ending and divide .75 to perfectly counter the time.75.

After the games show I Decided to fully draw the assets for my first 3 levels. My first three levels are going to take place within a cave, this gives me a good base for what I want my assets to look like, rocky floors, stalagmites and vines. So with that as a theme to follow I began drawing my 32bit sprites. I used the grid tool with 32 by 32 squares to ensure that all my art assets will import into the game as effectively as possible, This worked out very effectively because it meant I had 0 mistakes when going into the importing stage which almost defiantly would have happened otherwise.

On the Friday I began looking into software to create music for my game, after doing some research I have decided to go for a retro style of music and do 8-bit music, or Chiptune music. The actual software i'll be going with to create the music is still up in there air at this point, I have found a free software called famitracker which is very simple to create Chiptune music on.

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