Hamburger Paragraph By: Olivia frey

What is a Hamburger Paragraph?

Hamburger Paragraph Template

A paragraph has many different parts to it. To start off a great paragraph, you need a topic sentence that will hook your audience and have them interested enough to continue reading.


The top bun of hamburger is our topic sentence.

The topic sentence is the introduction to the paragraph and also known as the "hook". This sentence introduces your overall idea and what your paragraph is going to be about.


The supporting details are an important part of the sentence because it explains the idea that you expressed in your topic sentence. There are three supporting details in most paragraphs. Use these sentences to help the reader understand what you are writing about.

The lettuce on our hamburger is our first supporting detail.
The cheese slice on our hamburger is our second supporting detail.
The burger patty on our hamburger is our third and final supporting detail.


The bottom bun of our hamburger is the concluding sentence.

The conclusion wraps all of the ideas from the paragraph together to finish and connect it all together in a way that the reader will understand.

Now lets try it!


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Olivia Frey

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