My First Semester By Marcanthony Gutierrez

For my first semester i had Mr. Roller and Coach Craig.I really liked Mr. Roller's class.I didn't really enjoy gym but it was fun when we played games.When i got home everyday i would play games for 2 hours.

During the storm i would play games and hang out with my family.During the snow i would go over to my friend's house and play with him and his little brother.Sometimes we would go out in the snow and play.I would also play with my little brother out in the snow.

On the weekends I go over to the horse stables because my family has horses except for me.I also play games with my dad and little brother.Me, my dad and my little brother go over to my dad's friend's house and play Dungeons & Dragons with them.

In my core classes I got good grades in all my classes except for ELA.I only have a bad grade in there because i forget to do my home work and talk with my friends.But everything besides that was great!


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