Week 2 Josie, ryan, kali, jack

On Monday, we did a lot of research for our personal blogs. Kali researched information about the interior design, baldachin of the basilica, and Bernini. Ryan researched types of architecture in and out of the basilica. Jack researched the main funding of the basilica which was the indulgences. Josie researched who took part in rebuilding, designing, and instructing to rebuild the basilica

The group hard at work

On Tuesday, again we researched for our personal blogs. Ryan watched a video on St Peter's basilica. Jack took notes from an article that he found from the database. Kali continued to take notes from her site from yesterday.

Jack looking through his notes

After not having class on Wednesday, we came back strong on Thursday. We had another source check that took about 15 ,inured at the beginning of class. We then found our recipe for the food piece. Also we talked to Mr. Charest about our creative piece and food choice. We decided that Kali and Ryan will meet to build the piece out of clay and they would bring it in for all of us to paint. We all plan to keep working on our individual blogs at home.

Recipe for our food part

On Friday, we made a plan(see picture below). Most of us found our costumes. As you can see, Ryan is St. Peter, Jack is Bellini, Kali is the pope, and Josie is a nun. We also decided that Jack and Josie will make the trifold although it hasn't been decided whether they will make it in class or outside of school. We plan to have our individual blogs almost done by Monday.

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