The Renaissance By : david de loera

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

The reopening of the Silk Road helped the spark the Renaissance . The Silk Road was safer for traders and travelers. The reopening of the Silk Road also aloud Europeans to discover new things like paper money and coal. The reopening also aloud Marco Polo to travel to several country's with his family such as Asia, Venice, and more. Marco Polo was able to travel to Venise with his family (Holt 300). Marco Polo was able to travel to Venice by the Silk Road. The Silk Road helped Marco Polo throughout his journey.

Left ( Marco Polo holding a bow) (top right Marco Polo) (a map of Marco Polo trip).

Italian trade cities

Medici family

Greek and Roman ideas

How did Greek and Roman classical ideas help shape the development of the Renaissance? The Greek and romans had very good ideas such as types of art, literature, and architecture. Their ideas helped shape the development of the renaissance because the renaissance was all about art, literature, and architecture.

Left Greek artcitecture right Roman architecture.

Leonardo da vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was born on April, 15, 1452 in anchiano, Italy. Leonardo da Vinci was an inventor, sculpture, architecture, painter, artist, and scientist. He invented the vitruvian man. He invented the vitruvian man because he wanted to know how to measure a human.

Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.


This video is a biography about michelangelo.

Johann Gutenburg

Books became easier to make with the movable type. Sense books were easier to make they became cheaper and more people were able to afford them. The books made by the movable type were written in Italian so even more people learned to read.

Top left/right movable type bottom paper press

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare's writings reflect on humanism because he thought it was very educational. Lots of people agreed with him that humanism was educational. The reason why he had such a large audience was because it was open to the poor and it was righten in vernacular. Vernacular was the ordinary language the country spoke. Lots of people under stood the plays and books, so he got a larger audience.

2 famous stories by William Shakespeare
Books by William Shakespeare
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