The Apex AX-32 By zach stickley

What was I given?

I was given the task to research, design, and produce a scale model of either a motorcycle, riding lawn mower, helicopter, space shuttle, or airplane. To make this model we used a program called SolidWorks. I was also tasked to complete the required list of documents which I will give you now.

So what did I create?

Out of the options I had, I chose to make a helicopter. There are many different types of helicopters such as the Westland Lynx, Sikorsky H-34, and AH-56 Cheyenne but the helicopter I chose to base my design on is called the Hughes 500. Hughes 500 helicopters started production in 1976 and is still built today. The helicopter is used as a utility helicopter and as a military helicopter.

Hughes 500

I did not copy the design of the Hughes 500 but instead based my CAD model heavily on the helicopter. When I was designing my CAD model I wanted to make improvments to the Hughes 500. So you might be asking "What's different about the the Apex AX-32?" Well to answer that question is the Apex AX-32 is more fuel efficient, the Apex able to hold more fuel due to the gas containers on the side of the helicopter, and the Apex AX-32 is cheaper and stronger because the helicopter is made of magnesium alloy.


The process I went through while I was making my CAD model was pretty simple. At first I started for making my CAD model was making the base to the helicopter. This step was not to hard because I was basing the shape on the Hughes 500. The second step to making my helicopter was rounding out the edges of the model. The next step was making the propeller, back propeller, and the landing gear. This step was the hardest for me because the first time I tried to make these pieces I made them to big so I had to go back and fix there sizes. The last step to making my model was adding all the pieces together and adding details like color.


While I was creating my CAD model I learned many cool and helpful skills. Some of the smaller skills I learned include making a model in SolidWorks, changing parts of your design to make the whole thing better, and how to make a 3D vehicle. One big skill I learned while completing this project was being patient and making small improvments. I learned this skill because many times throughout my procces I made small mistakes that I had to go back and fix.

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