European Enlightenment The intellectual movement to include scientific ideas, especially natural Laws in daily life (Andres Morejon-EUH2001-17)

The first source, the Instructor Commentary, focuses on defining many terms that many people may not know at first glance. Along with many significant people during this time, which are defined, there are also several different statements that explain different ideologies that shaped during this time. Aside from more scientific aspects, the document also touches upon the arts and literature of the time.

The Second web-link, about Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, describes her entire life. This webpage essentially is just a complete biography from her birth to her death. The significance of this source is to allow people to obtain a better understanding of one of the leading figures who worked towards the inoculation of smallpox.
The thrid source, "Elephants and Roses" depicts a series of items brought to France during the enlightenment period. Of these, there are multiple items that are very biological in nature, by this, I mean that there are many fossilized or old pieces of animals, such as Australian Black Swans. This symbolizes how the public was interested in more secular ideals rather than religious items at this time.
The final source, displays artwork from the time. This is significant because it allows for a look into the ottoman empires thoughts and inspirations, as well as their motives for the pieces they created. This is important because it helps people understand other cultures for a better learning experience.


Created with images by saamiblog - "Read the text. A symbol of the eight fold path "Arya Magga" (the noble path of the dhamma) in early Buddhism. An intricate representation of the Dharmachakra, or Buddhist eight spoked Wheel. Dhamma or Dharma" • Brett Jordan - "Shame (1 of 2)" • KRiemer - "baguette bread baked goods" • Steve Snodgrass - "Traditional Iznik Turkish Ceramic Art"

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