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Value Capture

  1. Jeannine and Ben worked closely with the VC product teams to successfully complete Sprint 1,2 & 3 covering Sales Registration, Sales Type Configuration, Licensed Sales Report. The finding and itemized potential stories have been reported to the product team, allowing the business to prioritize them quickly with easy consensus.
  2. Ben worked on A/B versions of Sales Registration workflow and Jeannine coordinated the Usability Lab#1 sessions with translators (remote), facilitators (remote), RTV (on site with users) and users.
  3. Based on testing results and recommendations from Product Design, the dev teams have refined the Sales Registration workflow and design.
The complexity of these remote sessions are: RTV(sales rep) and end users in Brazil; facilitator on the phone in Argentina; Translator on another phone line translating the conversation; PMs and team members in Brazil and Argentina; Jeannine is here in STL to be the overall “Director”. With technologies and a LOT of coordination between cross-functional teams, patience and multiple trial runs, it works!


  1. Product Design completed the first pass of workflow and screen mockup for "Contract Management" and "Prize Management".
  2. The product team hosted a workshop at Argentina with Business and IT to understand the product vision, our methodologies (HCD and Agile), and business process.
  3. Business and IT worked together to validate the current Journey Maps, pain points in the process, capabilities needed and create user stories. Business also prioritized the user stories.

In Progress

  1. Value Capture: Jeannine is working on preparation on Usability Lab#2 to cover testing of Sales Registration, Sales Report, Bulk Registration and Login Screen
  2. Value Capture: Sprint 4 in progress
  3. Navigation, Branding and User Interface Style Guide for Barter and Value Capture is in progress
  4. Value Capture: working on internal and external versions of several more functional areas to prepare for next labs: Sales Reporting and Bulk Sales Uploads
  5. Value Capture: working with several internal and external partners to address the primary pain points of credentials management (also for usability labs)
  6. Value Capture: Assist the collaboration between teams to address the asynchronous debate issues.
  7. Value Capture: Working very iteratively with the 4 functions that will be in the April usability testing.
  8. Value Capture: Formulating a new team to conduct the next study with equal efficiency
  9. Barter: Christina and Sam and other PMs will work on Barter UI/X prioritization list so that Product Design can plan to focus research, design and validation efforts on the higher priority items
UI style guide in progress

Roadblocks and Concerns

  1. VC: The business's non-consensus and changing of requirements may impact UI and lab work.
  2. Barter: PD tries to be 1-2 sprints ahead of team and PD may not be able to provide enough support to all teams' UI and prototyping needs.
  3. Barter: PD may not have sufficient time to work on personas and will seek opportunities to leverage the persona work that SA Customer experience architect is working on.

"HCD has been very helpful in design and validating what we're building." - Value Capture Developer

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