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Resources for Parents & Students

The following website is designed to be a resource for our parents during an emergency as outlined by in the Department of Education's Guidance Regarding Requirements for Public Health-Related School Closures. In these circumstances school facilities are shut down, however, instruction continues for those not directly affected by the health-related emergency. The following videos will outline what the Roxbury School District describes as Flexible Instruction Days (FID). The goal of this site is to outline the basic procedures of flexible instruction days without overwhelming our students or parents.

A Message From The Superintendent

Message Regarding Requirements For Public Health Related School Closure: From NJDOE

What is a Flexible Instruction Day (FID)?

The following video was created by Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Charles Seipp, and Director of Research/Planning & Evaluation, Mr. Christopher Zegar. The purpose of the video is to give an overview of the district's FID days.

Logging Into Classlink

The following video explains how to use Classlink, which is the district's single sign-in portal. Classlink will be used during district FIDs to take attendance and navigate the applications provided by the district for instruction during a flexible instruction day.

Attendance & Morning Announcements

The following video will help students sign into school through a Google Form that will be used as a student's record of attendance for the day. Once a student completes his/her attendance form the student will be sent to a morning message page which will be updated everyday with important information from your principal.

Google Classroom/ClassDojo Navigation

The following video was put together to help you better understand Google Classroom and ClassDojo. These two sites will serve as the homebase for accessing student assignments and communicating with faculty during FIDs.

Contact Information For Questions & Concerns

Individual Instructional Needs: agallagher@roxbury.org

Free & Reduced Lunch: 973-584- 6099 (5011)

Internet Trouble: 973-584-8121 or complete the Help Desk Request Form

Technological Difficulties: 973-584-8121 or complete the Help Desk Request Form

Questions Pertaining to Lessons/Student Work: Contact your classroom teacher

All other questions should be directed to your building principal. It is important to recognize that building administration will not have access to their phones for long periods of time, if ever, therefore, the best way to reach them is through their emails, which are listed below.

District Statements on...

Free And Reduced Lunch

Maschios will work to prepare packaged meals for breakfast and lunch to be delivered to homes of families who qualify for free and reduced lunch.