Maori Culture bY NAJMA ALI

What happens when someone from the Maori culture dies? When someone from the Maori culture dies they have a Tangihanga. A Tangihanga or a Tangi, is a traditional Maori funeral held on something called s Marae. Through the Tangihanga the Tupapuku is flanked by the Whanau (family) who take short breaks and and they all dress in black.

What traditions did they follow? They followed something called a Powhiri, it is a greeting that is a welcoming a ceremony bringing , all of the visitors to the meeting grounds. They have another tradition called the Haka , which is a traditional war dance. It is traditionally used on the battlefields. The Haka is still used today during the Maori ceremony and celebrations.

What religions and beliefs did the Maori culture follow? The Maori culture is a very rich culture stepped in tradition and legend. Maori people defined their selves by their tribe or Iwi. Dance for the Maori culture was very important . The Kapa Haka , with singing dancing and some facial expression. The Haka is performed by the All Blacks ( New Zealand's national rugby team) before each game.

What is Waitangi day and how was it celebrated? Waitangi is held every year on the 6 of February and it commemorates a significant day in the history of New Zealand. For some people Waitangi day is a holiday but for some people especially the Maori people it is reflecting on the treaty.

What is the history of the maori tattoos ? the Maori people have a form of body art known as a Moko . A moko is a traditional Maori tattoo on the face , usually under the bottom lip. Maori people usually do tattos beacause it means something important and peaceful.

When was New zealand founded and how? New zealand was founded on the 6 of Febuary 1840 and it was settled by the polynesian people came up with the Maori culture. the first person to sight about new zealand was Abel Janszoon Tasman on the 13 of December 1642.

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