Who Is Jessica Brooks?

Jessica Brooks moved from England to Australia at a young age when her family decided that Australia would be a better fit to grow their family. Currently studying Mass Communications at Queensland University of Technology, she hopes to further her knowledge and understanding into the ever-growing creative world.

Working from a young age Jessica has a lot of experience in many different fields of work and enhanced her knowledge in various areas. From the age of 6 she has been an athlete training in the sport of gymnastics. Dedicating time to long hours training both morning and afternoon, 6 days a week. This has later progressed into becoming a qualified intermediate coach and judge. She now uses her skills to teach younger children. All the hours spent in the gym proves Jessica is dedicated to the sport and now just as dedicated to teaching the younger generations.

Jessica is also experienced in customer service. Starting at her family’s IGA, she moved onto working for Woolworths and became a supervisor for the front end of store. In this position of leadership, she was required to be a fast learner and a motivating team member for other colleagues. Jessica showed great commitment to this role as she began as an entry level team member and through her hard work and dedication, worked her way to being a supervisor.

Also, throughout her final year at school, Jessica was the committee leader for the school’s Unison magazine. This included organizing all the photos and pages, making sure everyone adhered to deadlines for the printing company. She was a valuable team leader that contributed to producing a great end of year school magazine. Photographed below is a copy of the article wrote and published in the magazine about her time as committee leader.

Furthermore, Jessica participated in 2 major school musical productions where she was a part of the main dance group. This helped her to conquer her nerves and to gain more confidence. This was the stepping stone for making confidence one of her specific values.

On top of her other commitments, Jessica worked in the promotions team for Southern Cross Austero radio station’s Hit FM and Triple M. Participating on site in the outside broadcasts, she developed further team work and leadership skills. This role added to broadening skills in working with people in a team and established the value of confidence. Working on the street team, Jessica got the chance to speak on air with breakfast show hosts and by herself, promoting businesses around the area. As a JMC professional this is the area of most focus.

Within the work force there are many things that Jessica values such as confidence, commitment and determination. All her experiences have shaped how her values grew to be so important and these values will continue to contribute to Jessica’s working life but also in and around her day to day activities.

Jessica’s all time dream is to have to opportunity to break into radio and have her own breakfast show. With this, she is also hoping to change and create new things currently seen in the JMC world.

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