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Issue: Resident Special Charges Concern

Residents of the village of Hobart recently brought an issue concerning special charges to the board of trustee's attention. The residents own a vacant piece of property in the Thornberry Creek subdivision and do not feel they should be required to pay stormwater and street-lighting fees, as they haven't developed the property in any way. Upon contact with the board of trustees and village president, Richard R. Heidel, to communicate their grievance, it was explained to the residents that the stormwater and street-lighting fees are mandated through a village ordinance, and that all properties are treated uniformly throughout all village subdivisions in regards to these fees. The board enforced this ordinance and no further discussion was held on the issue. I, personally, agree with how the village board of trustees handled this issue. The main reason that causes me to concur with their decision is the fact that these charges were clearly outlined in a pre-existing ordinance, therefore it is the responsibility of the residents to familiarize themselves with the rules and react accordingly. To prevent further questioning of this ordinance, I would enact protocols to publicize it more extensively (upon property purchase). Lastly, I would inform the citizens of their rights to democratically challenge this ordinance, should they feel so inclined. Overall, I support the way the village of Hobart handled this issue.

Interestingly, the residents that questioned the charges failed to attend the January 17, 2017, meeting in which it was planned to be discussed.

Additional Issues

  • Resident Special Charges Concern regarding storm water and street lamp fees for unoccupied, owned property (described above) Minutes
  • Social Media Consultant Analysis Review regarding the fact that some people would like more effective, extensive social media presence Minutes
  • Resolution for Establishing Village Fee Schedules for 2017 regarding the fact that a $5.00/household fee to fund new city GIS fly-over should be charged Minutes
  • Resolution for Adopting Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan regarding improving outdoor village facilities to enhance recreation possibilities Minutes
  • Resolution Amending No Parking Fee regarding the fact that the village no parking fee has not been amended since the village police department was founded; new fee proposed to be in line with surrounding villages Minutes

The Hobart Village Office is located at 2990 S. Pine Tree Rd, Hobart, WI 54155

Map of Hobart (indicated by red-shaded region)

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