Cop A Fit Jack and gary


Cop A Fit

We want to have a designer clothes shipping company

U.S. Japan trade surplus


Japans largest export is motor vehicles and their largest import is mineral fuels.

Japans geography

The capital of Japan is Tokyo and the three largest cities are Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka. Its infrastructure is highlight advanced

demoGraphic and employment

Japans population is 127.3 million. The main language spoke is Japanese. Their is very little English spoke there. Japans top occupations are adult film makers, teachers, and fishermen. japans unemployment rate is a very low 3.0%.

Japan culture

the japans traditional greeting is a bow. Their main form of dress is kimonos and western clothing. The number 1 foods they eat is rice, seafood, and vegetables. Japan is located in Asia. Japans main form of art is ancient pottery and sculpting. Japans main religion is Shinto and Buddhism.

Culture and buisness

Japans main belief is Shinto. Japans number one gender role is that the main does the fishing and the women do the cleaning and cooking of the fish. They do not expect gifts before a business meeting. One of japans customs is addressing someone with a respectful bow.

corporate biography

Honda headquarters is located in japan along with Sony, Toyota, and Nissan. Sony believes in making a zero environmental footprint through out the entire product life cycle. Sony produces high quality technology. Sony can be found in most privileged countries but the headquarters is in japan.


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