University of Florida College of Dentistry By: Tahina torres

Background on The University of Florida College of Dentistry

  • Located in Gainesville, FL
  • The first entering class of 24 dental students was in 1972
  • Mission: "To be known for innovative dental education, commitment to cultural diversity, discovery, transfer of scientific knowledge, the superior skills of our graduates and the highest degree of patient care and service."
  • Offer both professional programs and advanced graduate programs
  • Summer research program for the upcoming entering class

Becoming a competitive applicant

  • Average GPA: 3.70
  • Average Dental Admissions Test score: 20
  • Average hours of research experience: 150
  • Average hours of shadowing experience: 250
  • Four strong letters of recommendations
  • Personal statement about why you want to become a dentist.


  • Located close to home
  • Already accustomed to Gainesville area
  • Ranked 7th in the nation
  • 100% Boards 1 passing rate
  • They are big believers in community service
  • Faculty and equipment is superior to the majority of other schools

Community Outreach

  • Mission trips with Dr. Garvey
  • Provide dental care for 30-50% less than private practice
  • Acorn Clinic in Gainesville, FL
  • Super Sealant Saturdays


  • UFCD is a prestigious dental school which makes it difficult to get into
  • Offers amazing programs that will prepare you for the real world
  • Community service outreach programs


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